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Let's go on a city trip

...right now!

You've probably not gone abroad the last year. And you've probably not spent a lot of time in the wonderfully cosy Kopi Soesoe. That's enough to drive you mad, right? So, from behind our two counters we've devilishly designed a way to take you away, further than where you are right now. We're taking you into Europe! And we're supplying you with truckloads of marvelous coffee along the way. Remember when Sly and the Family Stone sang ,,I Wanna Take You Higher"? Well, we wanna take you further!


Kopi Soesoe is visiting/featuring one exciting European coffee roaster each month from March until August. And we want you to join us. This is great news for you! It means you can choose between different fantastic tasting beans. Either our home roaster's - the wonderful Manhattan Coffee Roasters in Rotterdam - or our featured European roaster's. And you can tag along anytime you like, whether you have one coffee or a hundred.

But, as you might expect, at Kopi Soesoe this is gonna be about more than just coffee, we're virtually gonna take you into the heart of six different cities, but we'll tell you later how we're doing this! And! You don't need a passport! You just need an apetite for good coffee and city life and good old Kopi Soesoe style fun!

So, we're going on a trip past the six most exciting coffee roasters in Europe. This is where we're going the first three months:

(the three after that we'll announce in April!)






This is what you can expect:

* We’re getting you the coolest coffees for you to taste and buy. 

* You’re gonna get inspired by the roasters’ stories, their city and their music. Next to the most exciting coffee beans in Europe we give you great tips on beautiful coffee cafes, fine beer bars and record shops you need in your live once we can all travel again and go to the ACTUAL city!

* We’re going to go mad on Instagram and we’re gonna go Live

* You have a chance to witness secret and spontaneous events online, like a quiz or auction, where you can win irrespective of the number of stamps you have

* You can get involved and win a some great prizes along the way! Ahuh! And at the end of the tour you can even win a train ticket to one of the participating cities.


Want to join us?

Come along for this ride, it's ALL GOOD!



This is how it works:

1. We give you a free tour stampcard!

2. It looks like this:








You can collect up to 22 stamps on one card.

Each time you buy a coffee from our European roaster, a bag of beans, some of the wonderful tour merchandise or you take part in one of our scheduled or secret events. Full points are here.

3. You sign up on our special webpage so you can stay 100% updated on the ways you can collect stamps, because...

...each time you take part you get one or more stamps on your tour stampcard.



This is how you take part, have fun and gather stamps:

* 3 stamps: Joining and commenting during our Instagram live with the roaster of the month

* 1 stamp: Buying a coffee (for example: an espresso) from the featured roaster

* 3 stamps: Buying a wonderful bag of beans

* Buying the Tour shirt (5 stamps), hoodie (10 stamps) or mug (3 stamps)







Look! This guy just bought himself this swanky hoodie, looks 30% cooler and has earned 10 stamps! That logo is sick cool, right!

* Taking part in scheduled or spontaneous or secret online events. This alone is worth the signing up! And, the amount of stamps you can gather there, friends, we disloce then and there.



Hey, AND, check this out!

Prizes every month and one grand prize at the end of the tour!

You can Win!!! a trainticket to one of the featured cities!


At the end of the tour, the 31st of August, we draw the winners.

The more stamps you have collected, the more chance you have.

There are also cool runner up prizes.

You'll also be able to win some crazy prizes every now and again, like a tour t-shirt, an Early Bird strippenkaart or a bag of coffee beans.


Mi gado! Where do I sign up?!

Right here!

Wanna see some of the coffee, merch and other tour madness?

Check out our Instagram right now!

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