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Donderdag 2 februari

Kopi Soesoe Cinema presents:

'Be Here To Love Me'

A film about the legendary Townes van Zandt

with a special performance by Josh Lawson and Nathan Bissette

Toegang: 10 Euro. Tickets hier

Let op: film is zonder ondertiteling.

Muziekcinema in Kopi Soesoe! Een hele bijzondere avond: de waanzinnig mooie Townes van Zandt documentaire 'Be Here to Love Me' met voor- en achteraf singer-songwriters Joshua Brook-Lawson en Nathan Bisstte met liedjes, verhalen en inspiraties van/over 'hun Townes van Zandt'.


De Film

Een teder eerbetoon aan Townes Van Zandt, geroemd als 'the world's greatest songwriter'. Hoewel eindeloos gecovered, door artiesten van Emmylou Harris tot The Meat Puppets, heeft Van Zandt nooit een eigen hit gescoord. Met nostalgisch archiefmateriaal, zeldzame concertregistraties, home-video's en interviews.

Speciale performance

Josh Lawson and Nathan Bissette are a traditional folk duo who formed a strong musical bond at the Blacksmith Arms: a place where musicians meet to exchange a mirriad of folk tunes and tales of a bygone age.


Since this initial grounding in celtic folk music, Josh and Nathan have gone on to form various sound experimentation projects. Currently the duo operate under the musical umbrella ‘Dead Hand’, along with the founding member Mateus Domingos. 


Heavily inspired by Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake and Karen Dalton and their ability to highlight poignant aspects of the human condition, they build songs based on experiences and atmospheres.


“Humans can't live in the present, like animals do. Humans are always thinking about the future or the past. So it's a veil of tears, man.I don't know anything that's going to benefit me now, except love. I just need an overwhelming amount of love. And a nap. Mostly a nap.”

-Townes Van Zandt

Tickets voor film & performance: 10 Euro

Koop ze hier!

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