KONEKT IS TOTALLY AND UTTERLY UNWEBCASTABLE! Jullie moeten elkaar recht in de ogen kijken, elkaar echt horen, reageren, verwonderen, meedeinzen, je telefoon en al je zorgen vergeten. KONEKTen kan alleen in het ECHT. Dus als we daar op moeten wachten, dan moet dat maar! Let this gig, whenever it will be, be a joyous eruption of life and music.

We'll let you know when this time is ripe! Don't worry!


Een dynamisch trio bestaande uit viool, blaas- en toetsinstrumenten, basgitaar en percussie, gecombineerd met een indrukwekkende hoeveelheid electronica.

Bart - Sax, Fender Rhodes

Bruno - Bass

Bela - Violin

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Why should you care about our small stage?


Because everyone here comes to really listen to the music. The musicians on stage are no further away than 8.6 meters, so you can hear, see and feel every note. It’s like someone is playing just for you, and that would be true. Even though we are a cafe, we do our utmost not to disturb you or the musicians, so for instance we don’t make tea and coffee during performances.



Every concert that we put on is carefully thought through, the musicians are carefully selected, so that you can experience a good match between their music and Kopi Soesoe as a venue. Hey, nobody says that’s easy, but we figure we get it right 90% of the time.

We are not bound by any particular genre and so any performer or sound that will set your soul alight deserves a spot on our stage and thus in your ear.



In the past year we’ve had performances by a solo bassist, Americana singer-songwriter, a silent concert by a Nederpunk duo, a classic cellist and a “electro-singer-songwriter” to name a few. And sometimes "big" musicians like to drop by and play some tunes, like Nits or Anne Soldaat.


And you, you yourself are a part of the gig, of the evening. Think about it.


All musicians play so that you can really hear them, and for a good musician that means playing “in tune with the room” and not necessarily loud. And so when you have ears to hear, eyes to see and a soul to feel, bring them with you and you’ll be in good hands.


So, check out our program and choose your experience.



Broeder Dieleman, Adison