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In short, we have for you: wonderful coffee, both espresso based and filter, scrumptious breakfast, lunch, homebaked cakes, beers and music, loads and loads of music. And an Espresso Martini if you want!



Nice and listening staff peoples

Let's get you exactly the coffee you sat down for. And while we're at it, let us make sure you get exactly what you like about Kopi Soesoe, Katendrecht or Rotterdam in general. Our staff are a friendly bunch, that look not only after your coffee, but make sure you leave the building smiling. If that takes tips on restaurants, concerts, radio stations, books, lousy word jokes, we'll do it.



We make your coffee roasted by the coolest roasters in Rotterdam, Manhattan Coffee Roasters and Schot Koffie. We have a special house coffee called, surprisingly: the Kopi Soesoe. It's an Indonesian coffee (it means "Coffee with Milk") with condensed milk and cardemon. Stirr it and you'll be your proverbial feet!



We are an accoustic music stage and we have regular performances by the best musicians you never knew. We really love to surprise you (and ourselves) with very intimite concerts. One thing that we are very proud of is that everyone comes to really listen to the music, so everyone is silent. That's good for the music and good for the vibe in the room. Check out our live program to see what's coming up next. We have a very small stage, but that won't stop us from booking very ranging musical styles.



We serve breakfast everyday from 8 or 9 o'clock. Amongst other we make home made Granola and a more than superb Golden Milk Oatmeal.

Hey, and if you're in a hotel closeby, have a refreshing walk and discover us and the rest of Katendrecht. It's beautiful.



We serve wonderful sandwiches and toasties (melts). We try to find honest and creative combinations for you. We call our toasties 'creative and exotic'. They've all got this, but the absolute highpoint of exoticness is our Kopi Soesoe toastie; it has peanutbutter, hotsauce (sambal), cheese, pineapple, banana and beansprouts. Crazy but very true!



The original Czech Budweiser Budvar, beautiful Belgian delights, such as Moinette Blonde, Saison Dupont and the ultimate Trappist: Orval, we almost always have it.

Our beer menu is very steady, but of course we also like to deviate and expiriment for the sake of surprising you and your beer-savvyness. Ask for what we've got "off the menu". Hey, and if you're stuck for choosing, we'll help you out and add some music with the beer while we're at it.

Marvelous homebaked cakes

We've put in some work so you can enjoy a series of original, creative, and absolutely tasty homebaked cakes. We have some that we bake throughout the year, like our New York style Cheesecake or the heavely-chocolate-laden Mississippi Mud Pie. And we have some that we make when the season is just right, like when certain fruits are in bloom (here in the Netherlands), like rhubarb or brambles. Sometimes we go a little crazy and decide to make ginger kokosmacronen. It'll always be a surprise what's in our cake display, but we guarantee that there's always something you like.

Kopi Soesoe Cheesecake

Our cheesecake is a New York style one, airy, but steady with fresh Madagaskar vanilla and baked to reach the inner depths of the human soul. We have limited supply, but if you're early, you're in with a chance.

On the menu

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