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Ryder the Eagle



My name is Ryder The Eagle, and I don’t know who I am.
I was born on july 5th, 1989. I’m a dirty crooner, restless biker, and a dedicated lover.
I started playing music at the age of 10, haven’t stopped ever since. Some will say I can’t sing in tune. My dear loving wife says I’ve got the sweetest voice on earth.
I’ll just say I sing from a wide open heart, trying to let the « real me » leak out from my chest like gasoline from a wrecked rusty tank.
But who is that « real me »? Is he the youngster I was 10 years ago? Is he the man I am now? Or is he that old fella I’ll be on my dying bed?
Some say it’s a long road to find out who you are, I say that long road of theirs is endless.

We’ll never stop seeking, never stop driving, and as fast as we can ride, we’ll never get there. What matters is to keep rolling. Keep rolling. Never stop.
One day a great storm we’ll be coming. That’ll be the most frightening storm you’ve ever seen. Then take a look up to the sky. Most birds will panic, and seek shelter. But the eagle will not. He’ll search for the core of the storm, spread his wings, and use the wind to rise high above it. And keep flying. Keep flying. Never stop.
I’m Ryder The Eagle, and I don’t know who I am. But I’ll keep singing. I’ll  eep singing. I’ll never stop.

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